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Why nylon rollers are more expensive?

The cost of all garage door parts is determined by the quality and materials used for their manufacture. Nylon is not a cheap material and it's definitely very useful for those who want silent movement of the rollers. Though, you must know that it's also a sensitive material that won't last long and not appropriate for heavy doors.

Will garage door parts last for long?

All garage door parts last for many years apart from the springs, which are more sensitive and they're ruined sooner since they are manufactured to lift doors for almost ten thousand cycles. The other mechanical parts can last for decades and according to our Englewood Cliffs experts can last more if they're made of stainless steel.

Can I insulate my non-insulated garage door?

For a more energy efficient garage door, our experts in Garage Door Repair Englewood recommend that you use an insulated garage door. If you have an old and non-insulated door, you can always add insulation to your old door so that it is more energy efficient.

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