Choosing the Ideal Panel for Your Overhead Garage Door Replacement

Choosing the Ideal Panel for Your Overhead Garage Door Replacement

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Nothing lasts forever. There are times when you’ll need to repair or replace your overhead garage door because it is damaged or because some components are worn out. When this happens, it is important to seek for the original replacement component of the door. You wouldn’t want to get your overhead door repaired and find out you are still having functionality issues in few weeks time. Whether you need replacement because of wear and tear or because of some damaged panels, you should consider the most durable types of replacement for your overhead garage doors. Below are some of the highly rated panels to choose for your residential garage doors.Choosing the Ideal Panel for Your Overhead Garage Door Replacement

1: Flush Panel:

These types of panels are flat and are lightly textured. They are perfect and can retain the features of the part of the home you want to highlight.

2: Raised panel:

There are long and short panels. The long panel adds depth to the overall look of the door. Long panels give curb appeal, depth, and distinction to almost any home. Shot panel doors can complement homes such as houses with Tudor styling, colonial homes and ginger bread decorated Victorians.

3: Window Panel:

Some garage doors have window spaces, which add a unique taste to the garage doors. When going for this option, try to use a double paned glass in order to keep light in.

4. Painted panels:

Some panels are painted either at the sloppy portion or at the high part of the panel. Usually, the color should be a matching one that complements that of your home.
Apart from the panel, the material the door is made of is equally very important. Although wooden doors have distinctive style, they require constant maintenance. On the other hand, steel doors are more expensive but are the most durable of all types of overhead doors.

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